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Maria Haswell

"Some people may not understand your journey. They don't need to - it's not for them. Follow your own path, and love every minute of it." - Maria Haswell

Maria Haswell

who i am

My life evolves and unfolds in so many amazing ways, each and every day. For this, and many other twists and turns along the way, I am truly grateful - I LOVE life!


I'm a teacher and mentor for my students and clients, and I'm also a student of life - as I truly believe that we all have infinite opportunities for growth and evolution, life lessons, and improvement.


I have been guided to pursue my life calling and help my clients in the best way I can. I have been led to learn different methods to teach, heal, and serve with the highest intention. My mission is to provide impeccable service with integrity, inspiration, and truth.


I absolutely LOVE working with my clients and creating an intimate, sacred space, with the goal of leading you to transformation and enlightenment.

Maria Haswell

my early life

I was born in the Philippines, the youngest of five children. I moved to the United States at age 7, and grew up in the unceded Ramaytush Ohlone Territory (San Francisco Bay Area) where I still reside.


As a young child, I always heard voices around me - which I now know were spirits, angels and guides reaching out to me. For many years, I blocked the voices, and ignored the messages and feelings (which happens with many children, when an adult says it’s ‘crazy’ or ‘wrong’).


After many years of denying and being skeptical of my abilities, I finally accepted my calling and chose to pursue this work full time. For the past 25+ years, I’ve been studying and practicing a wide range of healing modalities that I’ve integrated into the offerings you see here on my website.  


Today, I’m a mother of two beautiful young adults, and a wife to a loving husband.

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Maria Haswell


After my dad passed away suddenly in 1996, my search for spirituality began. I started to open my heart and my mind to the possibilities, and also to my abilities. With peace, love, and good intentions, I was able connect with my dad and communicated with him on an energetic level. From there on, other spirits, angels, and spirit guides started showing up. Since then, my path has led me to many different methods to be of service for others - and to this day, my journey continues...

Maria Haswell

I believe that Unconditional Love starts with Oneself! My way of healing is to support you to see the beauty of who you truly are.  I'm here to embrace your "flaws" and transform them into the uniqueness of what you are, and were always meant to be.


My mission in this lifetime is to support you to discover your true self, and help you understand how sacred it is to be you. Because the world needs the unique gifts that only YOU have. I want you to fall in love with yourself, and with life! 


I'm simply here to remind you of how wonderful you truly are, and everything that has happened in your life has no power over you. I want to look into those eyes of yours, and tell you the truth of what I see in you. I see LOVE! Because love is what YOU ARE!

Hold my hand and jump into the unknown, the beauty, the flux of imperfection, and shift with the current of change to find yourself totally FREE from the old beliefs and patterns of the past.


Maria Haswell

Video from my trip to Peru & Bolivia 2011

Maria Haswell

Teachers in the Philippines 2020

Maria Haswell

Teacher in the Philippines 2020

Maria Haswell


My husband & I own and operate

Danville Yoga & Wellness Center 

125A/B Town & Country Drive, Danville, CA 94526

Our beautiful community has been enjoying our yoga & wellness center for over 20 years. 


Beyond yoga, we also offer inspiring classes, workshops and special events focusing on a holistic approach to wellness, including classes on meditation, Kirtan concerts, movie night, and Healing Night. Our offerings are sure to boost the well-being of your mind, body, and soul.

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