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For a span of 20+ years, I have immersed myself in the study of indigenous shamanic traditions, learning from revered teachers and medicine people in Peru, Bolivia, the Philippines, and various other locations. It is my sincere intention to honor the profound teachings and wisdom I have received while also making these ceremonial practices accessible to you within modern contexts.


When I share the experience and knowledge of these sacred ceremonies with different groups and individuals, my aim is to translate and bridge the profound cosmological foundations of our own beliefs and visions into forms that others can readily embrace and utilize.


By honoring these traditions and sharing their essence, we can collectively contribute to the energetic shifts in the universe and cultivate a deeper sense of connection and reverence for the interconnectedness of all beings.


I want to thank you for answering the call and deciding to join me for this powerful ceremony. It's truly an honor for me to serve and help facilitate these two incredible components that will bring balance to your mind, body, and soul.


Sacred Despacho Ceremony is a beautiful and deeply meaningful practice rooted in the Andean cosmology. The act of creating a Despacho serves as a powerful way to acknowledge our interconnectedness with all beings, nature, and the spiritual realms. It is a ceremonial offering that expresses love, gratitude, and reciprocity.

As the saying goes in the Andes, the energy of the universe can be influenced by our intent and focus. Understanding the power behind this principle, I create contemporary Despachos that serve as tributes to specific sacred places, expressions of gratitude for the connections and teachings we have received, and offerings that pay homage to the spirits of the land, the guiding helpers who assist our journey, the elemental forces, the ancestors, and the fundamental unity of the cosmos.


The versatility and adaptability of Despacho ceremonies, with their numerous variations, allow for specific healing intentions and blessings to be addressed. Whether it is bringing harmony to the Earth, honoring new beginnings, seeking healing, or any other intention, the design and contents of the Despacho are tailored accordingly.


This sacred ceremony reminds us to embrace life as a gift, celebrating the interconnectedness and unity of all things. By participating in the Despacho, our community/tribe can shift and transform the energy within ourselves, as well as contribute to the healing and harmony of the world and the cosmos.


The Despacho ceremony is a beautiful testament to the deep wisdom and spiritual richness found within the Andean traditions. It offers a profound opportunity for individuals to connect with the living energy of the universe and experience a sense of unity and reverence for all existence.



1.5 Hour Private Sacred Ceremony

In-person / Virtual (Zoom / FaceTime)



The ceremony lasts about 1.5 hours

Some may be longer/shorter depends on each individual


You must notify me within 48 hours of a scheduled appointment to reschedule. A $25.00 fee may apply for rescheduling, as others could have used the time slot. If you fail to arrive for an in-person session, you have the option to reschedule - however you will be charged in full for the missed appointment.


"It was a beautiful, symbolic & deep ceremony that started to shift me from within. You are powerful!"

Ron C.

"I feel like I've taken a huge step in my spiritual journey."

Christina C.

"It was absolutely enchanting, empowering, and everything was done with such love. I feel so open to everything."

Grace H.

"I feel lighter. Like a deep heaviness has been lifted. Healed!"

Natalie P.

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