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Ever secretly wonder if you’re clairvoyant? Believe it or not, you probably are! :) We are all born with intuitive gifts, and some of those come very naturally to us, just like any other gift!


All you need to do is practice. I can help you develop your intuition and support you in your path to perfecting your skills.



Would you like to supercharge your intuition? Do you want to benefit from the insights your intuition can provide? If so, you’re not alone. Just about everyone could benefit from developing their intuition.

Many of my students and clients say that developing their intuition is a priority, as well it should be. This is your connection with the Universe, your spirit guides, angels, your higher self. It is also your source of inner wisdom and guidance, which is a critically important element for realizing your dreams.

 You will develop a full array of types of intuitive guidance to connect with (including angels, spirit guides, spirit allies, and ancestors), and most importantly, you will learn how to clear out any subconscious blocks that are preventing your intuitive growth. In addition to learning about past lives and a life you once had in a different body, you also will learn first-hand about the realm of Spirit by going there in an “in-between life” regression. Lastly, you will have a chance to hone your intuition by doing a practice reading for another person!


  • Learn different types of intuitive senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.) and how to develop these natural abilities

  • Participate in exercises on how to open your third eye

  • Understand how to raise your frequency to the realm of spirit with light and pure intention

  • Learn about the types of higher guidance available to us (your Higher Self, spirit guides, angels, Ascended Masters) and how to connect with them

  • Practice doing an intuitive reading for another person

  • Each week you will be provided with additional resources and handouts on developing your intuition and learning 


  • More clarity, confidence and and trust in your inner guidance to help move you along in the right direction in life

  • A deeper connection with the best team of spiritual therapists there are (your own Higher Self and your guides/angels)

  • Spiritual awakening to the true nature of our reality

  • A feeling of deep peace, contentment and knowing that you are always being guided and supported

  • A higher vibration and light activation as you grow into your lightbody and upper chakras

  • People coming to you to help guide them along with your gifts

  • A sense that you are doing what you are here on Earth to do – that you are living your purpose and fulfilling your soul mission

  • Heightened intuition, synchronicities and magic!


Initial Consultation

In this 1.5 hour session we will discuss your needs, your long term goals, the timeline in which you wish achieve them, and determine if we would be a good fit to move forward. 


One hour follow up session



Based on your needs and desires, I offer packages of 3, 6 or 12 sessions, which offer a savings on my hourly fees. Each session is one hour. Sessions can be held monthly, twice monthly, or weekly, and can be done either in person, or via phone, FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype.


Package of 3 Sessions

These sessions must be scheduled within 3 months of each other.​


Package of 6 Sessions

These sessions must be scheduled within 6 months of each other. With this package, you'll also receive up to 3 check-in phone calls with me between sessions, to keep you motivated and accountable with the work we've been accomplishing.​


Package of 12 Sessions

These sessions must be held within 12 months of each other. With this package, you'll also receive up to 6 check-in phone calls with me between sessions.



You must notify me within 48 hours of a scheduled appointment to reschedule. A $25.00 fee may apply for rescheduling, as others could have used the time slot. If you fail to arrive for an in-person session, you have the option to reschedule - however you will be charged in full for the missed appointment.

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