So you wanna develop your intuition... 


Developing your intuition can be taught, and it can be perfected. Intuition, like music, is a language expressed through individual talent, commitment and education.  Some people have a natural aptitude for it that sets them above the rest.  


I've worked hard to hone and refine my ability. I want to be the best intuitive I can. 


I have an on-going 6-week workshop for developing your intuition to help you get started on your own journey.


Develop Your Intuition Workshop

Connecting with Your Spirit Guide

Course Outline
In this fun and interactive workshop, you will learn how to blend with the power of the spirit, and work within this power to obtain clearer and more concise messages from your spirit guides. You will be inspired to push the boundaries of your own intuitive skills, whether you are a beginner or an advanced student. You will learn that you are capable of more than you realize, utilizing your own intuition. And, in your day to day life, you will begin to enjoy all the wonderful guidance of your spirit guides as a result of your stronger connection with them.

Embracing the Spirit is about more than developing your intution - it's about awakening and nurturing the spirit within, and appreciating that we are all part of the same divine family, bonded by spirit.

This workshop will include tutorials, lectures, discussions and demonstrations. Although the classes will be centered on speaking to your spirit guides through your own intuition development, we'll be looking at other ways of receiving spirit communication and all the wonderful and diverse ways you and the spirit world can come together.

I will be on hand to help, encourage and guide you in your development and will offer plenty of creative feedback and useful advice on how you can improve, expand and build on the unique abilities you already possess.

This is a 6-session workshop full of fun, laughter, music and inspiration, in a warm and supportive environment that will encourage you to be yourself. I look forward to working with you and helping you with your growth.

When and Where?



6-Session Interactive Workshop


To Be Announced...


Danville Yoga & Wellness Center

125A/B Town & Country Drive

Danville, CA 94526

The cost of the 6-session workshop is $390.


Space is limited -- Please contact me ASAP to register.

Printed learning material is included with your payment.

A $100 (Non-refundable) deposit is required to hold your spot.


 Refund & Cancellation:

The balance of $190 is due by the beginning of the first class, and will not be refunded once the workshop series begins. There are no partial refunds for missed classes.

Love Notes & Praises


"Maria Haswell has a very natural way of nurturing and inspiring growth in people, regardless of their filters and phobias. Connecting with my spirit guides - this is a delicate topic in itself for me. 1 part yearning, 1 part skeptic and 3 parts trying-too-hard but Maria embraced all of that was in me and focused on guiding and teaching me patiently. Maria saw and spoke to the potential that was in me. The safe environment she continuously encouraged throughout the class provided me the security to learn and grow in an area I was unfamiliar and unsure of. Learning to trust without reservation was the crucial point for me in this journey. It was at that point I started to have breakthroughs in leaps and bounds. I now enjoy connecting to my spirit guides and teachers and receiving their guidance on a regular basis. Maria has impacted & enriched my life so extensively it is difficult to quantify. I'm so grateful to have Maria Haswell as my teacher."

- Virna L


"Maria, thank you so much for helping me advance in my spiritual development. I made more progress in the six weeks with you then I had made in 4 years previously in working with my spirit guides. You rock as a teacher!!"

- Roseanne



"If you are reading this and considering Introduction to Mediumship Class with Maria Haswell, I encourage you to just go for it!  In my experience, when something new is presented and it feels even remotely right... it most certainly is.  That is what happened with this class for me.  I wasn't sure why I was taking it or what I was going to get from it.  What I did get was a greater understanding and appreciation of the permeability between the physical and non-physical.  My own gift of sensing and receiving non-physical energy was greatly inhanced.  I came to know myself and my purpose even more.  Listen to your own intuition and... go for it!  Maria Haswell is filled with lifeforce energy and she has much to share and to offer on so many levels!"


- Shanon C



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Danville Yoga & Wellness Center

125B Town & Country Drive

Danville, CA 94526

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