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Originating in the Philippines, Hilot is a hands-on healing art that involves intuition and vigorous, deep massage. Hilot is not the typical massage a person would seek out for relaxation or touch therapy. Its focus is to identify problems in the body, and correct them. A Hilot session may result in easing stress and relaxing tense muscles, but the massage itself could actually be less than relaxing, causing some deep tissue discomfort. The goal is to get to the source of pain, and restore balance.



Hilot is the art and science of ancient Filipino healing. For centuries throughout the Philippines, Hilot has been known by many different names. Whatever names the ancestors called it, it all shares the principles of the ancient Filipino art of healing, and maintaining it is a sacred duty: to ease illness and the disruption or disturbance of the natural flow of life force energy within us.


As a trained Hilot Binabaylan (shaman), I use a unique system of diagnosing an illness, which uses fresh banana leaves and distilled coconut oil, which are applied to body parts to determine the malady of the client. 

Hilot uses manipulative strokes that are similar to other forms of massage, but it is uniquely Filipino. Hilot Haplos stroke is a short, gliding, light stroke that warms the bodily tissue, increasing blood and lymph circulation, thus flushing out lumps and toxic waste.

Hilot Pahagod is a friction stroke similar to Swedish massage - a long deep pointed stroke used to promote venous blood flow, loosen stiff joints, and flush out toxins from the body.

Hilot Pindot is performed by compressing tissue, using either one finger or elbow, in making pointed pressure to the skin surface. It is applied by pressing down or around an area with circular or reciprocating movements. It increases blood circulation for areas that have little or no blood supply, such as ligaments and tendons.

Hilot Pisil is a two or more finger pressure that is done through a cycle of rhythmic lifting, squeezing and releasing body tissue. Performing it improves cellular nutrition.

Hilot Piga is a method of grasping, pulling and pushing certain body parts which are fleshy enough to squeeze, to drain out metabolic waste substances from the body.


2 Hour Private Hilot Session


Hilot sessions are only conducted in-person at my Danville office.


Hilot offers healing not only to the physical health of an individual - it also heals the person intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Thus hilot becomes a healing, initiating, life changing operable therapy. It provides the virtues of hope, inspiration, love, optimism and trust between the recipient and the Hilot provider. I use not only massage for treatment, but also use Herbal (halaman), Igniting the fire within (init), Light (liwanag), Prayer Offering (orasyon) and Tides (tubig) to achieve balance of the elements for each individual. 


You must notify me within 48 hours of a scheduled appointment to reschedule. A $25.00 fee may apply for rescheduling, as others could have used the time slot. If you fail to arrive for an in-person session, you have the option to reschedule - however you will be charged in full for the missed appointment.

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