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Smudging for Purification & Healing

Smudging is an ancient Native American practice of spiritual cleansing and blessing. It is a very simple and effective method of clearing a space, object, or physical body of stagnant energies, and replacing it with a lively vibrancy. Use the Mystic Goddess Blessings Kit to purify, heal, and bless people or places. Includes descriptions of each item and their purpose, as well as detailed instructions for use.

The Blessings Kit have been cleansed with Palo Santo smoke.

All the raw crystal stones included were charged under a full moon for you.


Bundle of White California Sage | Palo Santo Stick | Organic Pink Himalayan Salt | All Natural Beeswax Tea Light Candle | White Feather | Red Abalone Shell | Raw Crystal Stones | Silver Plated Ganesha Necklace | Positive Affirmation Card | Instruction Booklet

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