I have not always been "open" to the idea of being able to improve our health by asking The Universe, but I have started to educate myself by reading lots and lots of books and documentation on the subject.  I didn't know what to expect when I went for my Reconnective Healing session with Maria, and she had no idea what was going on with me.


When I left, I didn't feel dramatically different and wondered if I made a mistake by trying this.  The next day, I woke up and realized that the pain I had endured for months (due to prior surgeries) was completely gone! I also experienced an indescribable feeling of well being! I would not say this if it was not true!  I certainly don't have any explanation for it.


But it was... truly amazing! 
I can't wait for a follow up session...NOW I truly believe!

- Kathy G., Alamo, CA

"I was never one to go for a tarot reading, but after my visit with Maria two weeks ago, I WILL definitely come back to get a reading done with her again!! She is simply AMAZING. My reading itself was really thorough, and I was really surprised with how the cards showed my current situation(s), and how it also offered as a guide on what I should do to better handle them. The cards offered so much insight on what I should be doing career-wise and what  I'd be most happy doing.  Everything was so RIGHT ON! I left feeling validated, with a very open mind and a new attitude on life.  Thank you Maria!

- Judy M., Concord, CA

"I've had readings from a number of people over the years, and Maria is easily one of the best I've experienced. I've had several readings and some healings from her, as well as some classes on Munay Ki (check out her web site if you're interested; very empowering) and all were excellent. I've referred a few friends to her, too, and the feedback has been equally good. Understand this: no psychic is always right all of the time, but Maria gets closer than any other I've been to. She's also a gifted healer - some work she did on some emotional issues I was holding on to helped me let them go and make changes I hadn't been able to do before. What's also nice about Maria is her warmth, sincerity, and lack of ego-issues.

Bottom line: Maria is well worth seeing if you have need of the kinds of services she offers."

- C. P., Concord, CA

I've been to maria about 3 times already since i moved out here in may. I went to another psychic before finding Maria and left feeling put down and worse than when i went in. However. with Maria she was so nice and accommodating! She welcomed me in, worked around my difficult schedule, and gave me a reading that gave me chills. 

A few things she has said have already happened in my life and I'm eager to see if the other things she has advised me on will happen as well. I know that not all psychics are accurate, but so far she has been right on the money. She is reasonably priced and even though your readings don't change for 6 months, i  go back every month just because of how comforting she is with her readings and incites. She will tell you good and bad about what you may or may not want to hear but does not do it in a degrading way like the other psychic had previously done. definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a reading. she's wonderful.

- Anja W., San Ramon, CA


My husband, my sister and I have all gone to Maria (separately) and we could not be happier.  She was right on the money, she is very intuitive.  She is a warm, loving person and would tell you how she sees it in a caring manner.
I would definitely recommend her, specially if you need some clarity and guidance. Thank you Maria

- Maria C., Danville, CA


“Maria is a responsible provider of her spiritual gift. She hears, senses, feels and channels the spirit guides and ancestors of her clients. With me, Maria shared messages she sensed were coming from my father, my grandfather, a departed love and mentor. She described the spirits and I could identify who they might be in my life. She gave me their messages--which i found to be comforting. I continue to deepen my sense of intrigue with this gift Maria has. Each time she reads for me, I feel a missing piece slide into place. In addition to her gift, Maria is warm, personable, professional, kind, detail oriented, generous and delightful to spend time with. I highly recommend her.”


Elizabeth Benson-Udom
Founder, Editor at elizaPress Publications

"I was referred to Maria Haswell by my chiropractor. I have been suffering from migraine for the past 15 years. I've tried many things but nothing worked. I've never tried energy healing before, but since my dr. recommended her, I decided to schedule three sessions with Maria. Each time I went to see her, I felt like I was improving. After I completed the third session, I was skeptical... but since my last visit a few weeks ago, I have not had a migraine yet! This is HUGE considering I used to get them daily. All I can say is WOW!"

- Melisa S., Oakland, CA


"It has been a year since I had my Reconnective Healing with you, and I just wanted to let you know that I am still seeing the benefits! For so many years I have tried to incorporate exercise into my incredibly busy schedule, and for years I have failed. The day after my Reconnective Healing with you, I got up and went for a jog. The next day, I went to the gym (I've had that membership for 27 years, and I have gone maybe 10 times in the last 10 years). It continued from there and I have now exercised 4-6 times a week, before going to work, for over a year. The best part, is that it never felt unusual or difficult. For this entire year, it is as though I have always had regular exercise as part of my routine and I miss it so much if I have to miss a day. I had no idea what to expect from the healing and I had no specific goal in mind (and this would have felt completely out of reach for me), but I got out of it exactly what my body and  spirit needed. Thank you, so much!"

- Judy F., Danville, CA

"Thank you for your reading, for the first time in more than 7 years I feel more connected to my brother and Father again. I look forward to meeting with you again. Some of the information you provided answered and addressed my thoughts and concerns as well as the messages from my family that have crossed over. I can’t wait to meet with you again and I will bring my Mom. God Bless you for what you have given me."


- Brynn, Martinez, CA


"Maria offers her spiritual talent to empower those desiring a boost of encouragement; she is sincere, grounded and loving. I am honored to know and recommend her."


Drew Vogt, Sarasota, FL


"I went to see Maria yesterday for mediumship session  Maria is a very attractive, warm and positive person. And I was amazed about the things she told me. She talked to my deceased grandparents and made it a very pleasant, exiting event. I never experienced anything like that before. She told me the facts that only my grandparents and my family knew. Even before I came to see her she was already prepared with information about me (we never met before) and what was going on in my life. Maria didn't ask me about anything, she was the one who told me amazingly accurate things about my family and myself. I was so exited to talk to my grandmother through Maria. It really felt like I talked to my grandmother. I will definitely recommend Maria to anybody who wants to reconnect with their deceased loved ones and to those who need spiritual guidance and piece and clarity in life. It is a great experience. I already recommended Maria to my friend. And she is planning to go. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MARIA!!! I will come back again."


Kathryn D.,San Ramon, CA


"The Reconnective Healing session with Maria Haswell exceeded beyond my expectation. I had read Dr. Eric Pearl's book awhile back and I enjoyed it very much that I decided to find a practitioner near my area just to get the experience. Unfortunately, I didn't find anyone near where I lived so decided to try a distant healing. I found Maria's website and for some reason, it just felt right to contact her for an appointment. And I am so glad I did! She was very professional and knowledgable about the work and was very helpful with answering all my questions. We agreed on the time I received my healing remotely. As soon as I laid down on my bed to relax, I suddenly felt the energy all around my body. My eyes fluttered, my fingers twitched, and my stomach rumbled. It was bizarre, wonderful, and fascinating all at the same time! Since my healing session, I feel like I have more energy. I eventually quit smoking and started to eat better too. I also feel less stressed and more motivated to take better care of myself. I am a believer!"

- Chris H., Florence, AL

The Tarot reading was informative, Maria gave me input on how to change my perception of myself and move towards positive thinking.


The Reconnective Healing experience was soothing, calm and peaceful. I felt a sense of healing power that came from Maria's gentle energy."


Miriam M.
Fremont, CA

"I write this testimonial with the greatest appreciation of meeting Maria Haswell.  I first met Maria when I got a reading from her last year.  She was able to truly connect with my fiancee.  Mind you, I was once someone who was logical and skeptical, always trying to find explanations for things that I had a sense existed.....but still found myself trying to discount the experiences. 


Before I even sat in the chair to begin my reading with Maria, she was able to amazingly and instantly connect with my fiancee! She mentioned details in regards to his physical appearance, down to his personality, described in detail how he died (down to details in his accident report which has only to this day been read by me), as well as personal facts that only he and I would know.  She was even able to express the fact of how my fiancee continues to be around and how he comes around to me, which I rarely shared with anyone. 


I want people to understand that I have ALWAYS been a skeptical person and skeptical of people.  So, I have to say that Maria is a legitimate person who is absolutely amazing and talented at what she does! I can't explain how she gave such a detailed and precise reading for me, all I can say is that she did!  She's honest, up front, but also compassionate, understanding and patient. 


Since that reading, I have had the valuable opportunity to continue to work with her, as I have also taken a class under her tutelage and I have to say that Maria is very talented and blessed to have the skills that she has and continues to share to others, helping others grow personally and spiritually and helping people better understand "the other side."  Even by taking her class, I have to say that I have TREMENDOUSLY improved in meditation and in many other ways.  I'm blessed to have met Maria and learned so much from her. 


More importantly, she has truly helped me in my own grieving process, helping me realize that our loved ones literally don't just disappear....I don't know where my journey lies, but I do know this: our physical bodies may die in form, but our souls, albeit not tangible, live on forever.  So, thank you Maria for helping me on my journey of growth and rediscovery."


- S.C., California

My visit with Maria exceeded my expectations.  My sister recently passed and I mentioned nothing to her before meeting her.  When I arrived she was very warm and had such a positive energy about her.  She was excited to tell me that my sister was even more excited to talk to me...she was able to tell me things that nobody would know about and I was astounded and elated by the medium reading.  It put me on cloud 9 and made me feel so much better...I cannot wait to visit Maria again.  :)

- Jackie B., Livermore, CA


"Maria is a true example of spiritual integrity at its finest. With deep sincerity she delivers messages of profound insight that are rooted in love, graced with purity, & topped with a touch of sweetness. You owe it to yourself to experience the warm hearted magic that she brings!"


 AJ E., Msc.D., Ph.D., D.Div.
Metapsychologist/Psychic Practitioner

"Today I met with Maria. It was my first time ever doing a reading. She was so wonderful, made me feel so relaxed, and made the experience fun and comfortable! I went in there asking questions about my career, when in reality the only thing on my mind was my relationship status. She then changed the subject to my relationship not even knowing that was what was really on my mind and having the most stress over! I would love to see Maria again and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

- Amanda T., Danville, CA

"As my Teacher, Maria Haswell has taught with honor, trust, and respect. She fully operates from the heart and sincerely cares for those she teaches as she passes along her wisdom without pretenses with a true love for healing and the light. It has been my honor and my blessing to have Maria as my teacher."


Kristen Y., Fremont, CA

Maria is a fantastic, compassionate healer.  As I told a friend of mine after I had a session with her, "She is the real deal!."  She is highly intuitive, conscientious and really helps to move energy.  She also is a terrific intuitive and knew details about me and my family that I had not told her.  She brought forward many  suggestions and directions that have proved very helpful.  I highly recommend her services.

- Carl J., Albany, CA


"Reconnective Healing experience for me left me not only relaxed physically, but also cleansed in mind. I am between career and job opportunities and have found myself swamped with various thoughts and feelings on where my next steps should be. I first heard of Reconnective Healing through Maria Haswell while I was going to her for a tarot reading/private session. I believe this opportunity to try the healing experience was supposed to happen at this point of transition in my life. I often find myself reflecting back on the experience and I believe that this has helped me in my thought processes.


Taking time out for me and having Reconnective Healing focus on just me gave me a feeling of fulfillment which is wonderful as I didn’t know exactly what benefits I might take away from the experience. I can see where the Reconnective Healing experience can have a different effect on people, no matter where one might be in their life. I’m thankful Maria introduced me to it and I look forward to future sessions."


Lillian M., Castro Valley, CA    

"Maria, I can't thank you enough for helping me understand what it means to be happy again. I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting into when I scheduled The Reconnection with you. The first session, I felt so good. I can't even describe the feeling, but for the first time, in a long time, I was at peace with myself. Just when I thought I couldn't feel any better, the second session was out of this world! I felt God's presence. Within a few weeks, I found myself being able to communicate with my husband again. We're planning on renewing our vows next year. Just when I thought we were going to separate, I found myself in love again. You are a Godsend and I am grateful!"

- Anne K., Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you Maria for this amazing gift! My life is forever changed because of you... After two healing sessions, my back pain is gone. I'm still having a hard time believing it, but yet, I am so grateful that I have been pain free since our healing session. I sleep better and I wake up with no pain. Thank you! "

- Charles R., Austine, TX

"About 15 years ago, I got into a major car accident and since then, I have been suffering with severe lower back pain. I have been to a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, and had countless physical therapy and my pain wouldn't go away. I was referred to Maria Haswell by a friend who saw her for her arthritis (and is now doing very well since meeting with Maria). At this point in my life, I felt like I have tried just about everything, so I thought, what do I have to lose...why not?!  Well, after three Reconnective Healing session with Maria, I am now 100% better!


After each appointment, I would leave her office feeling better than when I came in. It's been 6 months now and I am still pain-free. I can't thank you enough, Maria! Thanks for sharing the work you do with others. Your energy is so beautiful and it's filled with so much love. You shine a very bright light, dear Maria!"

- Kristin T., Danville, CA

FIVE STARS! What else can I say. Maria got me! I don't really believe about readings before and I'm skeptical about it. Until when Maria's sister Amelia told her to do a reading for me the day of my birthday inside the saloon. For the first time, my reading was about my career, family and love life and the results was accurate and believable. It was like a slap on the face in a good way. I was in shock and full of chuckles! I definitely, try to do more readings and highly recommend Maria Haswell.

- Chuckler J., San Francisco, CA

"I have had the pleasure of a couple of readings with Maria and she came through with unbelievably specific information that I could not rationalize away. I've also taken a class from her and highly recommend her. She is one of those very kind souls out there that are really doing work that helps enlighten the planet."

- Troy S., Oakland, CA


"Maria Haswell is an incredibly gifted spiritual intuitive. I had a reading with her a few months ago and she brought through my uncle Carl and my cousin Jimmy. I never expected messages from them, but they were instrumental in my process of spiritual growth. Since that time, she has been able to bring closure and peace to so many whose loved ones have passed over. She is a humble and amazing spiritual being."


Melanie S., San Francisco, CA

"Just wanted to thank you again soooo much for the Reconnective Healing session we had last Monday....

sorry i talk too much, and was quite relieved when you mention that my chakras were not as out of whack as i thought it was. Just taking it day by day, moment by moment and i continue to thank the Higher power, angels, and spirit guides for guaidance and feel blessed for having my family and positive people and influences in my life including you! It was a pleasure meeting you Maria!


~Nora, South San Francisco. CA

I took a Intuition class with Maria that far exceeded my expectations. In just a few weeks, our group was able to connect with deceased loved ones, increase our intuition, connect with spirit guides and develop a meditation practice. She is a powerful medium, psychic and teacher. She teaches and gives readings  with love, ethics, and professionalism. She brought out hidden talents in everyone in the group. I was amazed!

- Rona G., Danville, CA

"I had looked for a teacher to guide me connecting with a deceased loved one for few years.  Finally,  I found Maria!! She was introduced by my very good friend, Karleen.   She told me that Maria was very good in connecting the spirit world. And she was a very professional and honest medium and teacher/coach.   Therefore, I went online and visited her website.  I found out that not only she is a talented medium, but also an intuitive tarot reader, hypnotherapist, Reiki and medium instructor.  Therefore, I signed up the classes and attended for weeks. 

I  was impressed how Maria was so patience and knowledgeable to lead her classes.  I am very glad that I attended the classes and practiced what she told me to do in order to strengthening my skills and become more spiritual. 

I love her!!!!  YES, I highly recommend her to people who seek for spiritual needs and/or guides!!!!"


Neko N., San Francisco, CA

"So grateful to have found you - I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated my reading. You gave me alot of accurate information to validate my lost loved one is still around me. You were extremely easy-going, and made me feel 100% comfortable. I'd recommend your services to any of my friends. Thank you again!!!"


Reyna O., Southern CA

"Hi Maria,

Thank you so much for yesterday!  It was amazing. 

Just so you know:


My grandpa that passed away (my fathers-father) WAS in the military.  My dad was very proud of that and they had his old uniform.  I guess it had been so long since my grandpa passed I had forgotten details like that.  Shame on me.


Also, my mothers-mother that passed HAS rosary beads and PLASTIC CONTAINERS that she used to keep them in.  Only my mom knew about those.  She said she would show me next time we go to where she lived (my grandpa on that side is still alive and lives at that home.


And the white flower/plant that was planted for Cindy was validated.  My uncle said “yes” they planted a rose bush type plant in the front of the house.  It was given to them by a friend of the family as a cultural tradition. 


I have many referrals for you.  They will be calling in the next few days.  This really blew my mind yet gave me peace of mind. Thank you so much!"


Tiffany T., San Ramon, CA


"It has been a few weeks since my reading and I still cry with tears of joy. How can anyone begin to thank you for the work you do. You have given me such peace and comfort and the answers to so many questions.


I had such a void in my life from losing not only my Father but a very close friend. I still miss them so much but I KNOW they are around me and I know they are still aware of what is happening in my life.


I cannot begin to explain the feelings that I had after my session with you ended. I felt so calm and peaceful and I felt so much love from those close to me who had crossed over. I felt your genuine concern and I know that you are a gift from God.


In closing, I have to say that you have the most down-to-earth style about you and you have a laugh that makes me laugh right along with you. We only met by telephone but you are someone who I feel a very precious bond. I have had one reading in the past with another medium and although I did get information that I wanted, I did not feel the genuine love and compassion that I felt from you. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you."


Debbie R., St. George, Utah

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