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That's me pictured sitting on the rock by the fire!


Sacred Fire Ceremony

Creating a spark within you!


After coming back from my spiritual journey to Peru & Bolivia with three AMAZING Q'ero shamans and one very powerful high Andean Rainbow Shaman Mystic, it is truly my honor & privilege to be sharing this sacred ceremony with you!


Each participant will receive healing (upon request). I am a carrier of a mesa, a beautiful, multicolored bundle containing various power objects and stones used for moving energy in service of healing. A more commonly known term in the West might be a "medicine bundle". This powerful shamanic healing tool was given to me by a high Andean Rainbow Shaman Mystic in Cuzco, Peru. It was brought from the Peruvian Andes, Machu Picchu, and many sacred sites of Peru & Bolivia. I will be using this powerful tool for my healings upon request.


What To Bring


Dress with layers as it may get cold.

We will be sitting on the cement floor, so please bring blankets & pillows to sit on!!


My Fee


$65 per person


Date & Time:

To Be Announced


Outdoors San Ramon

Address provided when you RSVP

What is a Sacred Fire Ceremony?


Fire ceremony is an ancient healing ceremony that is among the oldest still known to man today. All of life (including us as humans) is made up of light bound by matter energetically.


During the sacred fire ceremony, each person will create their own "despacho" and put some things such as wood, paper, plant leaves, flower petals, etc., into the fire, as you are symbolically releasing matter back to its original essence which is light.  Fire transmutes the heavy energy into a light energy releasing it to the universe.

The belief that I have is to keep things as simple as possible. I will have paper, markers, pens, plant leaves, and petals on hand for some release work.


This transformational evening offers a powerful cleansing of your energy field of blockages and habitual life patterns. My goal is to re-connect you with your true nature of pure heart-centered consciousness.


The healing does not happen only at the time of the fire.  For a period of days after there are “sparks” that are small windows of opportunity for a person to transmute the intent of healing that transpired during the fire ceremony.  This “sparks” are really opportunities for you to shift patterns and habits.  The fire ceremony is where the “sparks” are ignited.  The real healing and transformation happens during this time after.


The fire ceremony here is based upon my own personal experience and teachings.  It is vital to remember that intent is the most important aspect of any ceremony.  Your intent, your thoughts, your words, and your prayers will dictate your results. The purpose of all Fire Ceremonies is to create that “spark”, to create the opportunity to release issues and energies in your path and to call in new energies to assist you.


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